Mimpikita is at it again with another amazing collaboration, assimilating both fashion and tech accessories design into reality! This time, we are excited to work with Malaysia’s home ground tech accessories brand, Loucase, inspired by every dreamer who dreams big, every explorer who wonders limitlessly and every inspirer who inspires endlessly. This also marks our first phone case debut combining both brands’ artistic elements to your everyday gadget cover.

We believe fashion goes beyond clothing, it is also about every accessory you possess that defines your individuality yet makes you feel stylish. This Mimpikita x Loucase makes you stand out and express your personal style through your favourite phone essentials. Moreover, the phone case does well for ultimate protection and remains aesthetic to the eyes nevertheless. 

This collaboration presents to you 6 stunning designs: The Explorer, Kita Girls, The Inspirer, The Dreamer, Inspire You and The M-blem for you to choose from. 

The Mimpikita x Loucase is now available for one month on www.loucase.com.my from 4th November 2021. We hope this collaboration brought the dreamy, adventurous and inspirational side of you when donning on these phone cases anytime and everywhere you go, #TheKitaGirls.