“She’s inspired by her conversations with others, the knowledge she gained, the city she discovered and most of all, she inspires everyone around her.” Mimpikita embarks 2022 through its empowering editorial series — “Today, An Inspirer.” 
This collection leads the final chapter of “For The Girl With Dreams”, featuring a journey of a woman who shares her story to inspire and does differently to empower. It’s all about what she knows, what she does and how she encourages people with a note of elegance, enthusiasm and imagination within her. 
Inspired by our favourite Kita Girls, this assemblage represents the very essence of our community and what we stand for at Mimpikita. They are the women of today who inspire us to live the present, see beyond opportunities and chase after our dreams.This collection includes versatile and outgoing pieces to celebrate all inspiring women highlighting their high-spirited selves in transforming their own lives and the lives of others. 
Inspired by conversations
Meet our newest addition, the Ultralight Kita T-shirt in Navy and White. Designed in carefree style, relaxed fit and comfortable touch fabric — it’s an ideal companion for your summery adventures or quick hike days.
Tuck it with a pair of jeans or high waisted straight pants and you’re set to go.
Inspired by knowledge

It’s Mimpikita’s take on High-Waisted Cargo Pants! — Available in Blue, Nude and Olive hues. These best-fit and most comfortable pants definitely accentuate your silhouette and are easy to move in. 
It’s a perfect pair for your active look and ready for whatever the day takes you.
Inspired by the city
Our Maeve Flap Pocket features a bold twist to a satin finish style. Beautifully crafted with spacious pockets and our signature M-blems, representing what Mimpikita is all about —- prints, timeless and modern.
This top is available in both Grey and Green colours to rock with any bottoms you’d want. 
Today, An Inspirer is available now!