Welcoming the new decade by introducing our mission to identify all of you out there that’s #thekitagirl. Are you a girl chasing dreams hustling everyday, a stay-at-home mum, your own girl boss, an independent woman or a simply a someone wearing many hats juggling multiple roles but never forgetting self care. You deserve to love yourself, dress up and feel good.

Be part of #thekitagirl gang, it’s is for everyone regardless how young or old you may be. Think cool, comfortable and chic looking when you wear our M.KITA and Mimpikita piece(s). Always remember, when you feel good about yourself, you will have the extra strength and power to chase your unbounded dreams. Just before the first month of 2020 end, we have chosen our first-ever Kita girl; Ain Zaini. Becoming a mom at a young age, she, SATM, doesn’t stop her to live her life. Devoted to her family is her priority but she never takes a break off doing what she loves, in fact she’s one of Mimpikita’s true fan since our early days; that’s what inspired us to design a garb to be a mainstay in your wardrobe no matter what you’re up to, day and night. Here’s the activity we cherish her, from breakfast with Zulkifli sisters, exchange experience being mom to personal styling session and exclusive preview on our upcoming collection.

The Kita Girl January