Aimie was just a home baker with a big passion and heart for caneles! She decided to take a leap of faith and start this business of opening a small cafe specialising in coffee and canele with her husband and brother.
Burrow was born just as we went into MCO2.0 in January. Talk about timing ey- but it was what it was. After breaking down and stressing over the MCO announcement, Aimie decided to pull herself together and power through. She together with her husband and brother created an Instagram account and website for Burrow, got some photos taken and the website up and running for online orders. Little did they know- food bloggers and newspaper publications took notice of this humble little cafe and a constant flow of orders were coming in everyday.
Both Aimie and her husband have a passion and obsession with caneles and after many many tries of different butter, different grade and sizes of eggs and moulds. Nothing seemed to work to get up to their standard. Aimie ended up contacting a small supplier in Bordeaux, France to get copper moulds to make their caneles. Each mould is also carefully lined with organic beeswax wrappers.
Each canele is time consuming and made with love- each batch is made fresh every 2 hours because the batter needs to rest. Aimie shares that each canele if eaten immediately, or after every hour gives a different texture and her recommended best time is after 4 hours.

Aimie has also mastered the art of a barista in coffee making and offers customers the perfect cuppa to compliment and match her sweet treats!

Burrow also supports 5 different single moms and dads that make different cakes to surprise customers. Do drop by and check out the different delectable goodies made by them.

Aimie hopes every customer will take time to enjoy each canele with some coffee. Despite just being a month old, Aimie is grateful with the support they have received, it’s been so overwhelming but exciting at the same time. She uses her one off day to spend time with her children- twin girls and her eldest boy. It may be tiring now trying to juggle this new routine- but with the strong family support, Aimie aims to further grow her business in the near future.

We are so proud of this #TheKitaGirl, a true epitome of a woman chasing her dreams! Unstoppable and admirable <3

AS SEEN HERE: Aimie pairs her skinny faded jeans with MKITA Leora Bias Kurung Top and her sneakers to create a casual easy looks.


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