The Woman Wearing Many Hats

Nikola Hassan is no stranger in the local PR scene, she has built her name and reputation in helping many brands both big and small towards building blocks to what makes a brand successful. Having a diversity of different brands under her belt from cafes, to luxury brands and everything else in between. She takes on a little insight tour on the new development in Damansara Heights- The Cedar's showroom that she helped put together from the furniture down to the styling of magazines and bottles in the drawers!

She reminds us of a perfect example on how women are capable to multitask everyday day in day out, Nikola juggles switching her brains between the many brands she works with. She defines herself very well, from how she styles and portrays her sense of fashion that is simple yet exquisite to the way she speaks so very eloquently and most importantly her kind heart that shines from within.

This April, Nikola Hassan is our pick for #TheKitaGirl- may she inspire more women out there to pursue and chase their dream careers, work hard but also play hard because life is full of adventures and excitement. You just need to look for them.