When I broke the news to my family about my pregnancy, everyone in the family was overjoyed but at the same time worried for my well-being. Given that I would have to travel for work as sometimes my job requires me to go places, everyone in the family freaked out a little and they tried to advise me to travel less. But Nurul being the stubborn Nurul, how can I say no to traveling (even if it’s work related? Lol!)??

The first trip I took was a quick getaway with Mr Bij to Phuket. Of course, just like any other first timer, I was so nervous and excited at the same time to travel.  First thing I did after all my accommodation were booked was to see my gynae for a check up as well as asking for his permission and advice because I needed him to certify whether or not I was fit to fly. Since this is my first time traveling “berbadan tiga”, I needed to make sure I was equipped with all the knowledge I could get about traveling and pregnancy because we never know when things might go wrong but God forbid. My gynae’s advice was simple, “stay hydrated and if you could find a spot to sit down and rest, by all means- sit and rest.” So I did exactly as what I’ve been told by my gynae hehe.

Normally I would pack my comfy clothes given that we are heading to the beach but this time it was different. Different in a sense that I had to pack a lot of stuff and prepared a lot of documents. Traveling as a pregnant lady for the first time has it perks and disadvantages. I’m not going to lie but I can never pack light, I mean I’ve tried but wouldn’t it be better if I could carry my whole wardrobe?! Somebody should start inventing a walking wardrobe already la, really. But now that I’m pregnant, my luggage gets even more heavier with all the supplements and medicine that I had to carry hahahaha.

My supplements include balms for my back pain, salon pas also for muscle cramps etc and some ointments I never thought I’d need. I also had to carry A LOT of snacks to munch on the plane and not forgetting my baby book! Why baby book? Well it’s more for a precaution step just in case anything happens, the people in-charged would be aware of my pregnancy. Better safe than sorry, yes?

Traveling for work and just simply traveling for leisure are a bit different, given that Mr Bij doesn’t travel with me for work. At least when Mr Bij is around, I’d feel safe in case anything happens. But when I had to travel for work, on my own, I got even more nervous and anxious. When I travel for work, I hardly have the time to rest, always out sourcing for materials on feet from 10am to 5pm and I always remind myself to stay hydrated. This doesn’t just apply to me but everyone else who’s traveling, always, I repeat ALWAYS take your breakfast as it’s essential to help you get thru your hectic day!

Your clothes while getting your work done is also important. Wear something comfy, something that is light and airy (depends on the country’s weather). And i understand how women like to carry her whole closet in one bag (lol guilty as charged), but ever since I have to carry two human beings inside of me, I’ve decided to carry lesser stuff in my bag hehe but unless if your husband is nice enough to carry your bag for you then…. you know what that means hahahaha. One thing I love about being pregnant is that whenever I go to a shop, the shop keepers would always give priorities for pregnant ladies to sit hehehe bless every shop keepers that i met!

Overall, it was a fun experience to travel while being pregnant. God knows how traveling is going to be like for me soon when my babies are out of my womb! Any more pregnancy traveling tips, anyone? What else do you carry with you when you’re pregnant?

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