Who doesn’t love a well curated Instagram feed filled inspiring style & lifestyle ideas? The Mimpikita team sat down with Melbourne based Fashion and Lifestyle Blogger, Kim Leow to discover more on her blog as a breeding ground for fashion and travel inspiration – and what it takes for the ultimate inspired lifestyle!

MK : Tell us about youself and your blog ? I’m a Style and Lifestyle blogger based in Melbourne, Australia but born and bred in KL. Malaysia is still where my heart truly belongs. So my blog has come a long way from when I first started. Although what remains consistent is my love for capturing moments in my life that I’d like to remember. I share my personal style, travel stories and daily encounters. I love the simplicity and realness of our every life, and so my blog also documents daily things that I’ve encountered that I find worth sharing with my readers, like a good cup of coffee at a cafe nearby my apartment. As long as I have my camera with me, I will never run out of things to share.

I’m also a self taught photographer, so on my blog, you will find me experimenting with photography quite a bit. This has really helped me get creative in how I share my personal style in a way that not only highlights a particular clothing item, but also tells a story. Telling a story through the pictures that I capture is what really gets me excited to keep sharing, especially my travel journals! 

MK:  Bring us through a day in the life of Kim Leow? I usually start my day with a cup of coffee and nailing down all my emails, both for work and my blog. This is a must for me, even when I’m travelling. I just feel this sense of achievement after clearing all my emails and I can take on my day. 

Because I work from home, I always try to make a space where I am free from distraction (i.e. the dirty dishes in the sink that needs to be washed, clearing out laundry, watching netflix on the TV, etc) So I have an extra room which I’ve made into my own studio with plenty of natural light for me to create content for my blog and instagram. After clearing out emails, I’ll be in that room working on content and also my other job, which is managing an e-commerce store on WeChat. 

Around 5 pm, I start prepping for dinner and then head to the gym after. I usually like to end my night by watching Netflix or reading a book. That’s pretty much what I do on normal days.

MK: Describe your fashion aesthetic?  I love experimenting with new trends every now and then but I find myself going back to the classics straight after. I love keeping it simple with silhoutte that best compliments my body shape. Every girl is different and I think it’s important to do fashion that suits your body type.

I think my fashion aesthetic is classic with a twist. Accessories are my key things to my otherwise ordinary outfit. With the right bag and shoes, your outfit will be elevated immediately. And I always try not to overdo it with accessories by following Coco Chanel’s rule- “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

 MK: All time style icon?  Victoria Beckham – Not only does she exudes opulent classic style, she’s also a mom and a business woman, that woman can do anything! 

MK: What do you do when you’re not working?  TRAVEL! Every break that I get, my husband and I will always try to travel somewhere. It could be 10,000 miles away or just a short getaway in another state. Even on weekends, we like to explore new places in our city that we’ve never been, like watch sunset at a jetty that we haven’t been and have tacos while looking at the beautiful sunset. 

MK: On travelling…Where would your next dream destination be? Oh, I have so many! I think my next dream destination would be Norway – to catch the Northern Lights.

MK: On Life well lived…What motto do you live by? Nothing is impossible.

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Read Kim’s thoughts at www.kimleow.com and follow her Instagram at @kimleow

Photography by: Syazwan Asyraf @syzwnasyrf