On the hot seat for this edition of stylechatter we talk to Jacky Hussein Senior Creative for Malay Segment at Leo Burnett Malaysia and former fashion magazine editor. Her interesting approach towards style intrigued us to know the woman behind some of the most phenomenal campaigns by McDonald’s! Some  has got the whole nation crazy over a fried chicken! (Yep, you heard it right! #girlpower) Without further ado, let’s get into the interview;

  1. 1.Can you tell us more about yourself and your journey? Jacky Hussein, 37. Senior Creative Malay Segment, Leo Burnett Kuala Lumpur. Born and raised in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, I have a very fruitful life. Surrounded by loved ones, friends who are crazy like me – and family that showers me with unconditional love, what more could I ask for? I had a very splendid glamorous life as Deputy Editor for Cosmopolitan Magazine Malaysia and Lifestyle Editor for GLAM Magazine for 8 years. I got to travel all around the world, brushed shoulders with celebrities; local and internationally as well as attending fashion week globally. While on the road, being a so-called `foodie` I am, experiencing local delicacies is certainly a must for me – as it brings me closer to a new culture. Handling creative communication materials for McDonald’s Malaysia; I am humbled to be part of a Creative Team in one the world’s most prestigious advertising agency, Leo Burnett. Definitely icing on the cake, I was recently named as one of the Malaysia’s Hottest Creative and Most Awarded Creatives in Asia 2017 by Campaign Brief Asia 2017. What a year!
  2. 2.What is it that you enjoyed the most about your job? The most thing I enjoyed being in this line is because your mind keeps running (picture the creative juice flowing) in order to generate new idea day by day. With such a fast phase and crazy dateline sometimes, I need to be quick, precise and creative, of course!

    1. 3.Describe to us, life in a day as Jacky HusseinSometimes I wish I have 48 hours in a day. Haha. Because of my work culture, my day is not fixed! But then again, I still obliged to wake up early for Subuh prayer, have breakfast and play with my cat Jack Jr, or do some stretching at home before I leave to work. If there’s no shooting, recording, or meeting with the client in the morning, I will go straight to the office and complete what needs to be done as fast as I could. Since any meeting or new briefing can come in unexpectedly, you need to ready, physically and mentally. There’s no room for taking your own sweet time! Nevertheless, I’m still lucky to have a husband who understands how workaholic his wife is! Hahaha.

      1. 4.How do you keep the creative juice flowing? Observation! That’s the best way to get real insight. You need to be sensitive with the environment. Take note on what’s happening around the world. The social culture as well as the invention of new technology. I love studying human behavior especially during travelling. Yes, I love to travel! Not only that, browsing (or some says stalking) social media is another way to do your research. You just need to open your mind, compile and keep track of trending behaviors. Nowadays, people love real insight!

      1. 5.What is Jacky’s style and do you have any fashion figure that you look up to? I love to inject some masculinity in my day to day outfit. But having said that, I was so insecure about myself in my mid 20s and that’s lead to some fashion faux par moment. I was trying to be girly girl which I’m not. As I grew older, the realization of understanding myself more hit me – and that’s roughly how I found my own style. I live by the Parisian rule! A style distinctive enough for people to recognize and say, “This is so Jacky!”. Say no to most trends, develop a signature look and stick with it. It’s okay to update your wardrobe with few trends but always stick to similar aesthetics. I’m so obsessed with Linda Rodin, Jenna Lyons, Victoria Beckham and Emmanuelle Alt’s esthetic styles. You can definitely see me in any of these fashion’s icon style. Haha.
      2. 6.Can you share with us your mantra in life? Don’t bother when people can’t see your greatness. Just be `you`, and stop comparing yourself with others. I always believe that there is light at the end of the tunnel. So chill!

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Photography by: Syazwan Asyraf @syzwnasyrf