Day dreaming Mimpikita’s vision of the glory days where we are freely able to dress up, and be leaders in our own way,
Mimpikita has decided to keep the dream alive but to come up with a concise collection for Spring Summer 2021.
While having a limitless spirit, we dive deep and invite everyone to enter a realm of- SPLENDOUR IN THE WOODS.
As we embark and run away from reality into fantasy- we explore the woods making it our new safe and happy place.
We tend to hide from reality, thinking it is opposed to our real character whereas it is actually the missing traits that
has yet to be explored as we are still in our own safe box. We are much more than we know.

Our starting point for this collection was highly recognisable dimension prints. Contemporary take on uniqueness, we introduce prints with personality where limitless floral inbound with grid dimension. Exploring a different realm, somewhere we can be fearless and hollow out to the experimental unfamiliar side of Mimpikita. We want to bring back the excitement of dressing up hence we refused to be the stereotypical type for this collection.

This collection invites everyone to embrace the vintage in a new light. Indulging in a little fashion fantasy where the team discovers the concept of mixing elements from a variety of subject matters and play around with the combination of material and layering. Sheer layers, cotton lawn, lacey fabrics, linen, satin silk are roaming across our latest SS21 collection where we are showcasing hand embroidered belted pieces, shimmering fabrics and tones of layered over one another to make a subtle statement

There is a whimsical mood wafting through this collection, with embroidered details and playful texture- where soft
and bright shades collides. Be brave to wear different colours, prints and silhouettes as bravery is an act of having
balance/tolerating with uncertainty especially in this troubling and strange time. Our first product- printed plates
from our homeware collection and printed face masks will be available to purchase on and
our flagship Bangsar store from 13.11.2020 onwards.