Last year has been a storm to all of us. With the big 2020 dream, we started at full speed, truly excited for the year with plans of a collaboration to a new venture; however things were out of our power and we had to alter to pivot throughout the year.

Moving on onto some positive light, we are truly grateful on the blessings in disguise resulting in impacts upon our business. Firstly, some of our Lebaran pieces such as Irma, Edna and Irina were sold out despite the MCO-Raya experience, forcing us to restock twice to match the demand wave.

Secondly, we tried to give back to society by using our social platforms to flash out weekly giveaways to cheer up our Kita girls, setting up Marktplatz as initiative to help other small businesses and collaboration with MODA in producing PPE for our frontlines. Everyone in the Dream Team played their part in every single aspect.

To keep up with the times, we decided to start a new initiative, moving our focus to upcycling archived materials to produce 3-ply printed mask and apron which lead up to us producing our first Homeware Collection consisting of products such as printed plates, scented candles and exclusive printed mugs. We wouldn't know where "this" will bring us but we are prepared to stay afloat with all the new opportunities rather than looking damp on the negative side.

Our sincere thanks and gratitude for your continued support. This year we promise to take on new challenges, and look forward to sharing our new ideas and inspiration in many different collections coming up this year. So stay safe, and stay tuned!