To pen simple things down nowadays can be quite a task with my twins around me craving for my attention and me just adoring their tiny little fingers and constantly sniffing them, Alhamdulilah what a joy motherhood is! I am glad I still can share with all you my readers my IVF journey, a procedure which get me here today.

I’ve always thought those who explore the IVF process to try for a baby were exceptionally brave. Now I know from personal experience that it’s not about being brave, it’s about wanting a baby so much that you are willing to undergo any emotional or physical pain to give yourself that chance. A bit like being in training to become a parent. You will always try to be there for your children and endure what you need to, to keep them safe and happy.

But if you are reading this article then perhaps you are thinking about embarking on your own IVF journey with the hope of becoming a parent. My guess is that right now you are feeling awfully overwhelmed and are overloaded with information. How do I know that? Because I’ve been there too. I read every book, every magazine article, investigated clinics, googled almost everything, joined forums, talk to friends and online groups. And that was before I even did my first cycle.

But let me focus on my journey on conceiving these two little angels as I promised few months ago. I did mentioned on the part II that I failed my IUI and IVF treatment.  Infertility may be the hardest thing that you will ever do.

My first IVF was at Pantai Medical Hospital with Dr. Adila. I was told that all six of my embryos died without solid explanation. I accept the fact that it was not our rezeki yet. I went home straight and cried a little, feeling angry one minute and despairing the next. We were so frustrated and back in limbo again. Our life remained on hold and we kept asking: when would this all end? The feelings was more likely upset than sad because I know that the right time has not come yet but someday it will. We did not know what we were doing and assumed that IVF would work easily the first time. My husband and I learned the hard way just how difficult IVF actually is. With each treatment, we learned more about ourselves and the IVF process. It is easy to be overwhelmed when going through IVF treatment.

First thing that came across my mind was to travel. Literally, the whole year of 2015 I did was travelling eventhough if it’s for work as long as my mind and heart is at ease. I also decided to work on my business and next plan on the collection that year.

I can sum up IVF in three (overused) words: blood, sweat, and tears. You truly don’t know how resilient, how strong, and how determined you are until you experience IVF and come out on the other side. But it is something you absolutely must take step by step. It’s so easy to get ahead of yourself and set timelines and goals that you will almost undoubtedly fail to reach. With every procedure, every cycle, every phone call with pregnancy results, you must take a deep breath and just concentrate on the next step.

2016: It’s time babeh!

I feel like I was then ready, my body fully recharged but still I was determined to conceive normally so therefore I met this friend of mine, Juju she introduced me to this nutritionist at the end of 2015. It sounded convincing to me since she also tried for eight years to have a baby and went to see this doctor and alhamdulillah after eight months she conceived naturally! After discussing with le hubs, we decided to see the doctor. We planned that we gonna try this whole give-a-try nutritionist for about eight months but if still not working we are going back to plan A for 2nd IVF.

I was on detox program for couple of months which helped me go through body’s natural cleansing process. I felt different in a good way where I had less migraine from day to day. My energy is so much more consistent, I feel calm and healthier than ever! Well, it got me thinking that it is very important to prepare your body before having a baby, it needs to be in a very good condition before you carry a child.

As the month passes by, unfortunately I still didn’t conceived. I sat down with husband and in July we’ve decided to see Dr. Pranshant at the KL Fertility again. We actually went to see him few times before I met Dr. Adlia but we did not proceed with him for my 1st attempt of IVF procedure.

It was definitely the best decision to go back to KL Fertility with the consultation with Dr. Prashant because it is important to go to a place that you feel you are most comfortable at, and I felt that! The nurses are very helpful, everyone know what they are suppose of doing things. Personally, I think they always say the right thing to make you feel calm and in peace about yourself as I mentioned in my previous post that IVF is a very emotional journey. Hence, it is important to be at the right place that make you feel relax.

We kinda sense of a good feeling with him because also we heard about Dr. Prashant few times from most of my friends who had difficulties getting into pregnancy, try to have his consultation and successfully conceived! I really focused on trying to get back in the treatment, than on my work. The whole process went well, I had eight embryos. After fully discussion with the doctor we decided to transfer only one embryo.

10 days dreading of waiting, after the transfer procedure we finally found out that we are finally pregnant! Believe it or not, it was one of the most amazing news I heard, I was absolutely happy! FYI, those 10 days was crucial; you have to stay home, less walking, avoid stress and eat healthily. We were never expected that we going to have baby twins until the third checkup with the doctor, the embryos actually split into two. I was blissfully happy, Allah knows how syukur I was on that day!

Alhamdulillah I am delighted to let you know that baby twins was born safely on 16th of June 2017 and we are all doing well. I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy two little boys. We have named them Adam Nael and Adel Noah. It was the most wonderful moment I’ve had in my entire life, knowing the fact that I am finally a mother!