2020 isn’t going as we planned and what’s more saddening is we have to adapt to a new normal. We have learned to adapt our lifestyle with it. Hence, this year, Raya Aidilfitri was a whole different “mood” than the past ones. No gathering like the tradition of having open houses, no handshakes, contradicting how Muslims do the salam raya in the morning after Raya prayer, and the downhearted part is usuallly you can go far and around from your house compound for your OOTD’s shoots.

Despite this pandemic, we are truly grateful for how our Lebaran Collection unfolded. Irma, Kimora, Emma, Illana, Sofia, Irina, Sienna – those are names that kept buzzing around our Kita girls because those pieces are selling like ‘pisang goreng panas’. Now that we are in the RMCO phase, the situation has improved for the better and our #dreamteam is now able to resume work with social distancing in place. In hopes of keeping the Raya feeling alive during the Syawal month, the bosses planned to have our annual pot luck with the team, just a small intimate one where each of us was donned in Mimpikita andMkita Collection. We documented the digital memory to remind us that no matter how bad the “storm”, we will sail through it!

While we were stating that how Raya this year isn’t the same as the traditional ones, we are so touched with all the tagged photos from our Kita Girls across the states in our Lebaran collection