We manage to catch up with Sarah Bagharib  our bride who hail all the way from Singapore to talk about her wedding, her beautiful dress and life as a newlywed!

Congratulations on your new phase in life, how is life now as a wife? Thank you so much!! Life as a wife has been good, alhamdulillah. It feels really nice to come home to someone after a long day at work! It’s actually been almost a year since we did our nikah (solemnization), so it’s been almost a year since I’ve been married! But we just had our wedding reception two months ago so it does feel like we just got married… (feeling melebih haha!) Marriage has its challenges of course, but as long as both parties are willing to constantly communicate and hear each other out, InshaAllah all will be good 🙂

It was a beautiful and lovely wedding, what is the theme of your wedding? For our nikah in September last year, I went for an all-white theme because white’s my favorite color. Ask anyone who knows me, I’m in white almost every other day 😛 However for our wedding reception, I thought I’d have it slightly different and went for ivory, gold and some greens. There wasn’t exactly a theme, but I guess I was going for understated elegance? Nothing over the top!

What inspired you to choose that theme? Did the wedding turns out as how you imagined it? As I mentioned, there wasn’t exactly a theme, just the idea for it to be elegant and understated too. So we went for a decor vendor whom we thought would be able to execute that and the best part to me was that this vendor (SID Events in Singapore) only uses fresh flowers! I LOVE flowers and so the whole multi-purpose hall was seriously, beautifully decorated with these gorgeous fresh blooms. Each table centerpiece had a mix of Tiger Lilies, white Hydrangeas, Vendela ivory roses and some foliage. Then the aisle was lined with Baby’s Breath and Willows! The wedding was everything I wanted and more and it was just extremely lovely to see our loved ones there and some of whom I’ve not met in ages!

Moving on to your wedding dresses, can you share with us what is your inspiration and how the idea come about? I had 3 wedding dresses/outfits – that’s how crazy weddings can get in Singapore! So the idea behind all my outfits really revolved around the desire to portray two cultures – my dad wanted me to have an Arab wedding, whereas Razif’s a Malay wedding and so we decided to have two different walk-ins in two different outfits. That’s where the inspiration came from to have an Arabic-inspired dress. Then I saw that Mimpikita’s 2017 bridal campaign had a stunning Arabic-inspired look and used that as my reference!

We also had a Malay songket outfit for our second walk-in which we rented from ISHQ by Nora Zee, a local bridal company that also carries dresses and one more outfits by Malaysian designers. We picked a beautiful regal green songket by Khairi Sufi that ISHQ has. For my final dress, it was for our dinner reception where we invited our friends and colleagues. I knew that I didn’t want to use floral lace and wanted something a bit more art deco so I looked all over the internet (especially Pinterest!) for the dress that I could use as my main reference point and found one from Lihi Hod. My dinner dress that came together beautifully was made by Innai Red.

You and Razif are both Singaporeans, what makes you decides to  choose Malaysian based designers for your wedding dresses? Indeed we are! I’ve been thinking about my future wedding (back then!) for a few years and thought about who I’d like to have design my wedding dress(es) when the time comes. At that time I was actually also working on a side business involving flowers and customised bridal dresses so I was already looking at Malaysian designers for research purposes and came across just the craziest, most gorgeous bridal dresses designed by Malaysian/Malaysia-based designers. That’s when I knew I had to have mine made in Malaysia. Mimpikita was definitely already on the list then!!

On top of that, I also have my Singaporean friends, Dahlia and Natasha who run En Pointe in Singapore, a curated multi-label boutique that carries Southeast Asian labels including those from Malaysia. So naturally I turned to Dahlia for styling advice and she knew which Malaysian designer would fit my personality best and also the looks I was going for so that extra support was amazing and I’m super grateful for it!

 How would you describe your wedding dress by Mimpikita? Where do I even begin?! I love everything about it!!!!!! I love how it was similar to the Mimpikita bridal 2017 dress I used as a reference but also very different and truly tailored to suit my taste and preferences. I love the lace and the detailing – so intricate and there was also a lot of thought into where they would be placed on the dress and the sleeves. The sheer cape at the back just really added a nice soft touch to the whole dress – yet at the same time gave it the extra oomph! Here’s also a fun fact – the dress was originally meant to have full-lined sleeves but it was Nurul and Tati’s brilliant idea to not line the sleeves instead and even then the dress was still modest (and I actually love it more!). Gahhh I just love it so so much so thank you Mimipikita team for making this dreamy dress a reality for me

Any advice for bride-to-be? The wedding planning will get overwhelming, but my main advice really is to just let go of everything on your wedding day. It’s really hard but try your best not to worry about a single thing and let your bridesmaids/groomsmen and family members run the show for you, or of course planners if you’re blessed to have them!! Remember to have fun because time will pass really quickly and before you know it, the wedding would be over! So enjoy every second of it, do not sweat the small stuff!

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