Hey Hi Hello, apologies for the long hiatus. The moment we launched Lebaran collection, that was the craziest period for Mimpikita ever.  From non-stop packing customers’ orders for both online and offline to our pop-up store at Johor Bahru (yes! we managed to make our annual event!), we deserved a staycation to clear up our mind to increase productivity and creativity when we return to work.

We choose Penang for our company retreat (primarily to stuff ourselves with nasi kandar) and decided to stay at The Edison Hotel. The Edison offered great hospitality, gorgeous interior, and UNLIMITED snacks at the Lounge! Here’s what the amazing mansion looks like-

After reading some blogs and suggestions from people, we started our food adventure “itinerary” with roti canai banjir, nasi kandar, char kuey teow and the rest was history!

Penang is also famous for it’s heritage buildings, especially the Peranakan influence. We tried to incorporate some outdoor activities so we can enjoy the sunlight and get cultured (also when we needed a break from all the eating!) The Peranakan Mansion was where we landed ourselves at, seeing first hand the beautiful architecture, clothing and living area.

Other than Penang’s famous local dishes, we squeezed in some cafe hunting. Of course, we chose the ones with a great instagrammable interior and hidden from the city hustle and bustle. Then we discovered this hidden gem- Norm. Not only was the cafe cute and well designed, the coffee, tea and food was spot on!

On our last night in Penang, we tried the China House located at Beach Street. Loved the ambiance and concept they portray there. We’ve ordered some of their best-selling cakes, enjoyed our drinks and doodled the night away.

So this is the point we justify our products (hehe). We bought some of our new arrivals: the MKITA Unlax Collection and donned them throughout this trip. We highly recommend for a fuss-free getaway, this collection is a must pack in your luggage! Comfy, chic and cooling 🙂

After 3 full days of our short and sweet getaway, we are ready to take on the madness leading up to KL Fashion Week 2019.