Mimpikita invites everyone to be ‘The Wanderer’ alongside us, get on board as we take you on a journey to discover, explore and be inspired from the magnificent big things to the smallest things and experiences the world has to offer. Using our design as a way of communication, Mimpiita puts together this collection that emphasizes on cut lines, functionality, and versatility in hopes that there is a piece for everyone to wear in different occasions and everyday wear.

The inspiration behind the collection transpired from the team’s experience while traveling. Collectively, this collection was born as a result of piecing together the team’s experience soaked up during travel. Everyone experiences and is attracted to different things and places from nature’s breathtaking landscape of the Grand Canyon in Arizona, bright neon lights in Kowloon, Hong Kong, the lines and angles of the Parliament building in Budapest to our very own Little India in Klang that is vibrant with colours and rich in culture