For the first time, Mimpikita makes it to Brunei! It was only a 2 days event but we managed to gather with our loyal customers and made new friends along the journey. The venue we picked was kind of last-minute but thankfully, we managed to get Avenue 41 at Kampong Kiarong to showcase our pieces in Brunei. With the help from 1001 Magazine team, here are some pictures of the scene:

Seizing the opportunity there, we have chosen our next The Kita Girl for February who is fashion enthusiast, local Bruneian who has been collecting Mimpikita’s collection since the early days of us being on Fashion Valet. Introducing Amalia Joil or her Instagram @thatsolia; being a white-collar worker for 8 years. From 9-5 slack pants and button-down collar shirt, that doesn’t stop her passion in fashion by apply the mix and match method- embroidery jacket and stripy heels; she gained her confidence to find her own comfort zone in styling.

“I’m open to trying any new trends but not all trends are suited to my liking and especially I’m plus size so yeah, it is not easy. But the key is to try it out, then only you would know if it suits you or not. And Mimpikita, I must say is not only comfortable but also stylish, provides a good range of sizes and is never boring cos there will be always new collection coming” she added

Congrats Amalia for being our February #thekitagirl. Hope you like the gift and thanks for joining us at Avenue 41 although just a short time for a styling session with our founder; Nurul Zulkifli. Her wishes for Mimpikita: I wish Mimpikita the best in the fashion industry. Looking forward to many more collections cos I know the team and the sisters will always have something exciting for their customers!

‘Til we meet again, Brunei! Thank you for the bottom of our hearts for your warm hospitality and love you shared with us during our short time there.