Kopi Tarik Kita - A cup of us

The Mimpikita x Burrow KL’s Kopi Tarik Kita is a special collaboration inspired by our childhood memories of being around Malaysian Kopi.
If there's one charm about Kopi O in all its splendour, it's how it always greets us with its familiar smell and taste, no matter
how far we wander. This Malaysia Day, we hope to celebrate the essence of homeliness and how it can be found in and among us
Malaysians, as well as provide an opportunity to recapture the nostalgia of that feeling.

Burrow KL, known for their classic French pastry, sweet treats, and recent signature Biscoff Latte, aimed to stay true to the soul of Kopi
Kaw - “the bolder, the better”
while also introducing a new modern twist on this old classic favourite by pairing it
with a layer of french buttercream and a sweet and slightly-crunchy margarine biscuit. Not only does Kopi Tarik Kita have a distinctive
nutty body flavour, but each cup also includes an uniquely created cup sleeve as a homage to Malaysian culture and tradition.

With this particular Kopi Tarik Kita, we hope you may find your own feeling of home. We wish to "Tarik," or bring our customers closer to one
another and to their loved ones, as the name implies. We also hope that with each cup of Kopi Tarik Kita, you will discover a little bit of
comfort and delight as you wander through the experience of finding your own little safe space in the world and reliving your happy childhood memories.

If you're a coffee lover who has been meaning to try the reimagined Kopi Tarik taste, then look no further than Burrow KL cafe which you could find
at the ground floor of Bangsar Shopping Centre. You can pre-order it from our website the day before for pick-up the next day and enjoy it as your
breakfast at home or when you’re on-the-go!

Pre-order for Kopi Tarik Kita is available for KV residents now - here.

Enjoy 15% discount off for in-store purchases when you bring the limited edition cup sleeves to our Bangsar store!