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Navy Blue Oversized Sweatshirt

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Nara Pink Printed Kimono

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Nara Green Printed Kimono

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Esme White Printed Shirt

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Esme White Printed Skirt

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Esme Black Printed Shirt

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Esme Black Printed Skirt

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Crafted personally by the designers in Mimpikita - from office wears, everyday staples, chic casuals, Raya kurungs to statement printed outfits. Including accessories, and homeware to complete the checklist!

Tops for women Malaysia

Fashion tops are garments that enfold the upper part of the body, especially the chest area. It’s an article of clothing that is worn above other garments and is usually situated between the neck to the waistline. Some tops are made loose and flowy while others are quite fitted surrounding the bust or the waist area. There are many kinds of trendy women's tops Malaysia or baju wanita trend terbaru lately varying in lengths such as crop tops, turtleneck tops and oversized boyfriend tops. These are great basics that can be worn with almost anything. Not to forget the in trend voluminous and structured sleeves game including puff sleeve tops, bell sleeve tops, and bishop sleeve tops that you can wear from casual to formal appearances. Today’s choice of tops is offered in various materials too from cotton tops or baju cotton, satin tops and wool tops to complete your everyday outfit. 

Pants for women 

Pants for women are best described as outer garments that cover both legs separately from the waist to the ankle. The best thing about pants is that they are not meant for one season. Despite being versatile clothing, the designs still evolve from time to time. You can find many versions of women pants Malaysia these days from high waist pants for women, loose pants for  women, casual pants for women to chino pants for women, highlighted by its stylish details and modern cuts. What’s more important is the fabric used for the specific setting, because after all comfort comes first. If you are walking to work in the busiest city like Kuala Lumpur, you’d want to dress in the comfiest and wrinkle-free pants for that long commute. Meanwhile, linen pants are the ultimate breezy bottoms for the scorching hot weather like in Malaysia. They are the perfect summertime material to don in. 


Skirts for women are often described as separate outer garments that extend from the waist to the ankle out of a single fabric. They are one of the most versatile types of clothing that you can wear. This year gave us so many exciting types of skirts to choose from as they come in all kinds of lengths and colours such as formal skirt, pleated skirt to long skirt, wrap-around pario skirt and pencil skirt to wear with your everyday tops. A girl will find at least one skirt in her wardrobe as it accentuates femininity, modesty and style. They are also your key pieces to build up and maximize your staple outfit. 

Baju Kurung

Baju Kurung is a traditional dress originating from the Malay peninsula and it is worn across South East Asia in Malaysia, Brunei, Singapore, Indonesia and Southern Thailand. Serving its versatility - to be worn as a form of professional attire, the baju kurung has also found its way into the wardrobes of fashion-forward Malaysian Muslim women. They are a timeless fashion statement and an ultimate traditional dress that exudes feminine beauty, modesty and grace. From baju kurung tradisional, baju kurung moden, baju kurung kedah, baju kurung batik to baju kurung lace - they are a must-have essentials, excitingly fashionable and fun to wear during any festive season. 

Scarves and Shawls 

Modest yet fashionable, head scarves for women are a square piece of cloth that cover most parts of the head and some parts of the body. It is usually tied and clamped at the neck with a brooch, crossed over by the shoulders or wrapped around the head like a turban. Head scarves are a staple piece of many Muslim women’s fashion wardrobes as they are able to keep any style fresh and add colour to an outfit. With the rise in the fashion industry, we’re not surprised that stylish head scarves and shawls made it into the mainstream fashion. We could see the uplifting patterns in this article of clothing, evoking the elegant and creative side of every Muslim women. Today’s head scarves and shawls come in a selection of styles such as satin shawl, chiffon shawl, square satin scarf and pleated scarf. With various different designs and fabrics to suit every woman’s taste and personal style, head scarves and shawls are easily accessible in the market. 

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