Boost up your outfit and stand out in our range of accessories. Bucket hat, printed fabric face masks, shawl, scarf & bags are literally essentials for you!


Fashion accessory 

Fashion accessory is an item that can be added to an outfit to enhance its style and functionality. There are many types of accessories such as bags, necklaces, scarves, shawls, hats and others. They may come as a single item or combined with other accessories. It’s an easy way to elevate your overall outfit which also further showcases your personal style and taste in the accessory trends. We know it can be difficult to get your outfit together for the day, but oftentimes it’s the littlest things that make or break your whole look into a killer statement. 

In donning accessories, wouldn’t it be fun to create layers with your favourite rings, necklaces or bangles? Don’t be afraid to play with the contrasting shapes, lengths, colours and textures of your accessories to make them more appealing. Not only does it enhance your overall outfit, but it also does well to draw the eye up to your face. You can find many trendy accessories Malaysia with colours and patterns that suit your taste, especially on Mimpikita online website or in-store.

Scarves and Shawls 

Modest yet fashionable, head scarves for women are a square piece of cloth that cover most parts of the head and some parts of the body. It is usually tied and clamped at the neck with a brooch, crossed over by the shoulders or wrapped around the head like a turban. Head scarves are a staple piece of many Muslim women’s fashion wardrobes as they are able to keep any style fresh and add colour to an outfit. With the rise in the fashion industry, we’re not surprised that stylish head scarves and shawls made it into the mainstream fashion. We could see the uplifting patterns in this article of clothing, evoking the elegant and creative side of every Muslim women. Today’s head scarves and shawls come in a selection of styles such as satin shawl, chiffon shawl, square satin scarf and pleated scarf. With various different designs and fabrics to suit every woman’s taste and personal style, head scarves and shawls are easily accessible in the market. 

Silk scarves for women

The timeless and classic silk scarves for women are getting highlights this season and we are excited for it. They make up the perfect statement-making layer and will elevate your style to the next level. From a minimalistic design to a fun printed option for a twist on your weekday look, there’s something about silk scarves that make the most out of your style. They can also be worn in countless ways such as head scarf, top, a bag strap, wrapped necklace and a statement hair accessory. Many designers have created a distinctive graphic motif within their head scarf. It’s a dynamic look that can be paired with a monochromatic oversized blazer and your favourite pair of trousers. Grab the two diagonal corners of your silk head scarf and fold it into a triangle shape. You could either tie them below the neck instantly or at the back of the neck with a knot. Accessorize with a pair of black shades to give your daily look an Audrey Hepburn-like touch. 

Silk scarves may also come in blooming flower patterns to add that touch of femininity. The colors and designs come alive through the shimmering silk, perfect for any season. They work wonderfully as a hair accessory too as they are super lightweight and easy-to-wear for all your spring outfits, casual chic or dressed up attire. If you are donning a square silk scarf, start by taking the corner part of the scarf and fold it diagonally into a skinny silhouette. Take the two ends of the scarf to wrap it under your ponytail or around your bun. Secure it with a knot or pins if needed!

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